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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  January 29, 2015 1:01am-1:32am PST

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, all right. - what's he doing? i want to go see it. is he eating the hot dog off my trophy? both: yeah. - yeah! - oh, it's a little baby girl squirrel! - oh, look it's eating it! look at its big, bushy tail. - oh, it's so cute. - it's--oh, why is it looking at me like that? - what is that look in its eyes? - oh, blake. it's chasing me, blake! - no! - it's chasing me! - adam, drop the hot dog! [both shouting] - the gangs are real! - blake, save him! help him! - oh, they're wearing matching bandanas! - oh, my god! - nice. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the "daily show" with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by comedy central
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>> jon: welcome to the "daily show." my name is jon stewart! our guest tonight-- oh, man is this fella talented, incredibly talented fella-- oscar isaac, from the film "a most violent year," is going to be here, but first-- ( applause ) that's for all the young kuwaiti kids who might be watching. ( cheers and applause ) that's all natural right there. ( laughter ) but first, america's election campaigns have become insanely expensive, but there's no need to pretend to reach for your wallet anymore. someone else is picking up the tab. >> the political network led by the koch brothers, has put a price tag on its spending plans.
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>> $900 million in the 2016 cycle. >> that's a lot of money. >> jon: now, you may think to yourself, oh, that's ( bleep ) up. ( laughter ) aren't those guys going to want something in exchange for spending the gross national product of many countries on one election cycle? and is the thing they want control over the levers of our democracy or would they settle for hand jobs? ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) well, rest easy! because one of-- one of the men who stands to benefit from this campaign spending says it's really fine. >> there are a bunch of democrats who have taken as their talking point that the koch brothers are the nexus of all evil in the world. i think that is grotesque and offensive. they want to scare people by painting a picture of nefarious billionaires. >> jon: when in fact they're the picture of benevolent god kings.
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( laughter ) all hail the clamshell brothers! you know, i'm sure ted cruz will be speaking at this conference, whether a billion-- a billion dollars -- where is my money bib? really, the kochs' money is way more impressive than any of the g.o.p. candidates so far. i think they should just have the $900 million run for office. hey! give it up for the next president of the united states, johnny actual cash. ( cheers and applause ) listen, i'm-- please. all kidding aside, i'm not worried that money is going to corrupt our vaunted political system. america's values are too bedrock solid-- freedom of speech respect for human rights-- these principles are the foundation of our national identity. they will stand strong no matter how much economic power is hurled at them. ( barking ) what's that? what's that, girl? i'm talking about american values being incorruptible,
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girl. ( bark ) ( laughter ) what's that you say? saudi arabia is in trouble? drop everything, we've got to go now? >> president obama cutting short a trip to india today. he's traveling to saudi arabia to pay his respects to the family of king abdullah, who died last week. >> jon: so obama cut short his india trip to jet off to saudi arabia. india was probably boring him. >> mr. obama became the first american to sit in the viewing stand for the country's republic day parade. >> dancers in blue and others celebrating indian space exploration were followed by twirling batons, ornamential umbrellas, and a cadre of camels. the finale-- stunt riders on motorcycles and a fly-over. the president's reaction spoke for itself. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> jon: he gave the greatest parade in history-- ( laughter )
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the same rating roger ebert gave to "a tale of two kitties." ( laughter ) all right, so they had to leave india and head to saudi arabia. they were going to pay respects to the late king who, from what i understand, left behind a stirring list of achievements. >> king adbullah will be remembered at home as a reformer. >> as much as a reformer can be in a country that publicly beheads criminals, sentences human rights activists to lashings, and deprives women of the right to drive. >> jon: so a reformer-- lower case "r." it's a lower case "r." it's lower. it's really lower. go-- i would go lower. i can still see it. ( laughter ) i would make a very small "r." regardless of the king's attitude towards his own people, the late king did have a very special relationship with us. >> a lot of people i know that are quite close to the late king adbullah, said the king could
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not stand president obama. >> jon: oh! i get it because the president's a muslim-- oh no that couldn't be it. ( laughter ) i don't know why they didn't like each other. so why, gene, was the president so eager to go mourn this fella? >> the source of the king's wealth and power-- oil, of course,-- a fifth of the world's reserves, and it was largely king adbullah who dramatically drove down the price of oil and with it, the cost of american gasoline. >> jon: i can't stay mad at you. laugh lawch ( applause ) >> jon: hey, i know what, then? that makes this whole thing seem like craven self-interest on america's part. nothing could be further from the truth. that's not us. this is not about whether saudi arabia is really allies with us or if they hate us or whose human rights record is abusier.
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it's solidarity. like france this month, the unity march, we dropped everything to champion freedom in the face of terrorism. >> president obama was a no-show at yesterday's rally in paris and didn't send a high-level envoy. >> including eric holdir who was in paris for counter-terrorism meetings. >> jon: we didn't send everybody, but to be fair, it was early january, and our nation was hard at work... preparing for the upcoming groundhog's day celebration. ( laughter ) just out of curiosity did any other americans attend the riyadh event? >> the president's saudi delegation was a washington's who's who, from secretary of state john kerry senator john mccain, and c.i.a. director john brennan, to former secretaries of state of state james baker and condoleezza rice. >> jon: holy ( bleep )! everybody. let's see if i can do the math. between saudi arabia and france,
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that's everybody. minus nobody. ( laughter ) carry the what the ( bleep ). you know what though you know what? who'd want to go to gross paris anyway when you could go to-- ( laughter ) the city of... a city. and just look at riyadh's effect on nancy pelosi and john mccain. ( laughter ) apparently, these ( bleep ) only fight here in america. ( laughter ) apparently, the only thing that can bring our divided political system together is saudi arabia. they really are a stabilizing force. so obama leaving india to go to saudi arabia is really sending a message to france. you want us to come over and march with you guys in solidarity? find a way to turn this into this. ( laughter ) ( applause ) we'll be right back.
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where people from all walks of life come together to annoy each other. very closely. ( laughter ) they're always finding new ways to do it. >> it's a battle against man spreading. >> it is a guy taking up two seats. >> for the first time, the metropolitan transportation authority is asking men to mind the gap. ( laughter ) >> jon: "mind the gap." i think that might be the night of the way to say, "don't be an ashole in the subway." and yet it seems like a simple question of manners, taking up two seats when you can take up one. it somehow opened a new front in the culture war. >> leg-spreaders, they're the worst. >> men, bad. >> yeah. >> men's groups are calling it male oppression. ( laughter ) >> jon: apparently calling themselves men's groups. take that for what it's worth. for more we're joined my senior
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women's issues correspondent kristin shaw. kristin. ( cheers and applause ) >> this is a big deal, jon, and i just want to say men, i'm sorry. you should absolutely have that extra seat. you deserve that extra seat. but do the math. men make 30% more than women. they should have 30% more space on the ride to work. ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> jon: it's not-- that's not even who it's. this is just an issue of common courtesy on the subways. >> oh, no, jon. you've been so brainwashed by this feminized world, you can't even see everything that men have lost. ( laughter ) you used to run companies by yourself. you used to run countries by yourself. you used to do everything. yes, you do. and if a woman showed up, you got to call her sugar tits with
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no consequences and give her a seat in the type writer pool with all the other sugar tits. ( laughter ) >> jon: minor points, i think it's tits-i. >> the subway is the only place men have left. we have literally driven you underground to find that last inch-- and now society says no! even there a man's place is on one seat, knees together. as a woman who has struggled her entire life to keep her knees together, i am your ally. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: well--, you know-- i-- you may not be aware of this but one regular subway seat does grant you a good amount of ball space. it's not-- it's not-- >> wow. >> jon: what? >> wow. >> jon: what? >> jon, can i talk directly to
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your testicles for a second because i think you're holding them hostage. ( laughter ) you poor balls. your ancestors used to roam free, the wind blowing through your soft fuzzy hair, the sun soaking up into your wrinkled skin knowing that six-- this whole goddamn world was yours! ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: wow. that was actually-- that was quite moving, that was. >> oh, jon, your balls are crying. ( laughter ) >> jon: not crying, kristin. they're allergic to wool. >> come on, jon get it together. occupying all the territory you can is sexy. when i'm on a subway car with all those men taking charge of the seats around them, i get so weak in the knees, i can barely
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stand, but i have to. ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> jon: see, that's-- that's seems rude to make you stand in that. >> jon, who is the manliest man in the world? >> that's george clooney. >> yes jean claude van damme. and look how much room he needs for his balls. would you call that rude or amazing? >> jon: it's amazing. i think my because would-- would protest a move like that. >> well then get out of the way because this man-spreading train is going express. it's no longer about individual comfort. it's a movement. the m.t.a. wants to run fun we'll run ours. when they tell men to rein it in, lock those legs together. united we sit! >> jon: i don't know how effective the movement is, but it seems like a nice way to make a friend.
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>> oh, my god jon stewart is the loneliest man. ( laughter ) >> jon: she doesn't mean that, guys. don't-- ( laughter ). >> listen, i want to see men fighting the good fight. spreading with pride. and, hey, while you're at it maybe, you know, show us what you're fighting for. ( laughter ). >> jon: i don't understand what you-- >> just don't be so uptight, sugar balls. you know give us a little peek, like this guy. this is good no? a little ball cleavage. if you join the movement, we've got to see the goods are moving, right? >> jon: kristin shaw, everybody. we'll be right back. kristin shaw. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000.
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight the film is called "a most violent year." >> i'm almost always going to take you to the dining room table and offer you something. whatever it is always take the fancy option. >> can i get you a coffee or a tea? >> i would like a tea, please. >> we have some home made lemonade or a soda. >> i would love a lemonade, thank you. >> why? >> because we're never going to be the cheapest option, so we have to be the best and they want-- no, they need to feel that you want the best, too. that's why our trucks are the newest or the cleanest. and our drivers are
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approachable. >> jon: they are very approachable. please welcome back to the program, oscar isaac! ( cheers and applause ) this movie is tremendous. you know that. >> thank you. >> jon: the variety-- many awards. listen to this. i'm going to throw a name at you and you're going to be very excited about this but also demure. al pacino. come on, al pacino. when i watched you in this film, it had that same pacino in like, the early "dog day afternoons," "godfather." a little smolder but total control. >> and exact. >> gl admittedly not a large man. >> no. >> jon: but just a wonderful-- >> thank you. >> jon: performance.
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and the film is-- you think "a most violent year," you think this is a cliche-- not a cliche character in the bunch. >> thanks. in a way we're an anti-gangster film. >> jon: exactly. >> it's a gangster film about a pacifist, about someone trying to grow his business in 1981, which was one of the most statistically violent years on record in new york city, and on the edge of collapse. the federal government had turned its back on the city. "you're on your own." and this is a guy that sees opportunity there. >> jon: right rite. >> but in order to succeed he's getting it from all sides that you have to man up and do what you don't want to do which is get a gun show strength. and he just has an idea how he wants to move ahead, and it's not through violence. >> jon: i thought so interesting too your relationship with your wife in the film, jessica cha stain, who is really, her and her brother more the driving force towards that. >> jessica cha stain is incredible in the movie. we've known each other for a long time. we went to school together. >> jon: you went to school with jess jaica?
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>> yeah. >> jon: high school, college? >> no we went to juilliard together. >> jon: oh, they had a high school for talented people. >> it's a college-- conservatory. yeah. >> jon: conservatory. i was going to go there but they had, like, a test, a talent test, where you had to show a talent. >> uh-huh, and it didn't -- >> no, they appreciated the effort. i remember-- no, it's-- no matter what, is this the first time you guys worked together? >> this is the first time. we've been friends a long time and wanting to do something together but this was the first thing we got to do. so, yeah she plays this mobster's daughter this tough new york girl, and she's my wife, and she's definitely thinks that i'm not bringing it scwhr gl worst comes to worst even if the movie is no good, you get to spend four months with jessica chastain. >> it's a win-win. >> jon: that's what i'm talking about but the movie turned out to be great. i'm excited for you. we have actors on the show and sometimes i'll be like, "oh
1:26 am
you're really goodment. or "you're a nice person." but this gentleman here, truly, we talked earlier, but also, like, a tremendously nice person, like, a grounded person, very talented. and now you have "x men" and "star wars" coming up. >> yeah. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: we have an expression in the old country where i come from. "it's nice when nice happens to nice." ( laughter ) have you filmed all these other projects already? is that all done? >> "star wars" is done, yeah. ( cheers and applause ) they're making it putting it all together now but we're done shooting it. >> jon: have you seen-- do you know the ending? >> yeah. ( laughter ) i know the ending. >> jon: yoda in it? >> can't say. ( laughter ). >> jon: i take back what i said about being nice. >> i can't. they'll kill me. >> jon: tell me the difference in craft services
1:27 am
between a big-budget production and, like, an independent film. like on "star wars" is there like, a shrimp vending machine? ( laughter ). >> they did have-- they did have a specific one for people that needed to lose a few pounds. >> jon: for real? >> yeah. >> jon: a craft services table for pound-- >> reduction, yeah. >> jon: was it located near the other table? >> no. it would come to you by, like, a messenger. with your special low-calorie food. >> jon: let me ask you-- were there people there who would chew it for them first? or-- ( laughter ). >> it was pre-chewed yes. >> jon: that's exciting. i can't-- honestly i'm such a fan of that whole series and the "x men" series i honestly can't wait. i will be the annoying nerd who
1:28 am
calls you up "that was so cool." are there new creatures in it, "star wars?" >> there are new creatures in it yeah that i can say. they were there. there was practical stuff but there were actual puppeteers. >> jon: really? >> i did very little green screen when i was there. a lot is practical and on set and huge sets, hundreds of extras. >> jon: do you die? ( laughter ) "a most violent year" opens nationwide. ( laughter ) on fridays. oscar isaac, everybody. ( cheers and applause )
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( cheers and applause ). >> jon: that's our show. here it is, your moment of zen. >> president obama is once again getting flack on the international stage for chewing gum. cameras captured him apparently chewing gums on multiple occasions. he even took it out of his mouth once while chatting with the prime minister and then put it onsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >>. >> larry: tonightly. billionaires are making it rain and for once it's not acid rain caused by their nearby chemical plants. (laughter) >> larry: we're talking dark money and no, i'm not talking about my '80s rap group.


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